One thing I never heard about before moving out to New York was: summer weather.

Well, sort of. But it’s always been about movies that I’ve heard about New York City summers. You take that with a grain of salt. It’s dramatized. But I think Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” pretty much has it perfect “You would think the rain would cool things off. It just made the heat wet.” ~ Stella the Nurse and Assistant Detective: Rear Window.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. But I manage. Like most New Yorkers. I think I’m in quite good company. I used to work at Home Depot and keeping air conditioners in stock can be quite a challenge. I’m good if I drink lots of cold drinks. Or I lay down on the floor as it’s usually quite cool.

But AC would be nice!

As always, there is a silver lining: summer street fashion! New York is a summer street fashion town. Sometimes it’s casual. Sometimes it’s glorious. Enjoy!

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Maybe this isn't the best way to tell a story: by putting up one of my all-time favorites up first. This day was one of those hot, muggy New York City summer days and I was walking in the shade to try and keep a little cooler. Then I came upon Lily.

This is New York City. Right here. 110%. Super cool image. I mean, she's super-stylish, wearing lipstick and riding a skateboard!

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It's the "Sex and the City" cast! No, not at all. But the cast of that show had such diverse characters and that's what got me about these ladies. They were interning at a financial services firm for the summer and really, you couldn't a more diverse set of styling. All stunning and different. 

I can't really choose which I like best.... C'mon, I'm talking about the outfits... But yes, beautiful. Those smiles. And that they actually did this quick shoot with a stranger with a camera: priceless. 

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Boy, can I pick them....

This was a strange day. It was May. Searing heat and humidity. Then, I catch this lady zipping around the corner with groceries. I mean, I thought the shirt dress she was wearing was super-cute. And quite frankly, I thought there was something special about her.

Well, it would turn out that Laura, is a model. With a pretty great agency. She didn't tell me at the time, but I should've known something when she was suggesting some posing! I looked up her Instagram she gave me and...  Wow!

Super, super nice woman.

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I photographed Maria on the same day I photographed Laura. By far, one of the most stylish ladies I've ever photographed. Look at the shoes!

I wish I had insisted on her taking off the sunglasses. She has piercing, blue eyes. 


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One of my most favorite things: seeing a classy looking lady on a bicycle.

I don't know if there's some psychological background on why I like that. But part of it is that it takes effort to ride a bicycle. She's not taking an Uber or taxi. No ride from a friend. She's going to peddle a bicycle, getting her hair and makeup a little muffed up.

And that's okay with her..  ♥️

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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