This is a sort of easy and tough article to write. Examining my beginning and current photography. Have things changed? How have things changed?

Not much and yes.

My First Photo Shoot. Image: Ricardo Gomez Photography

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For one, I enjoy photographing women and making them look as beautiful as possible. I have a romantic and classic sensibility with my photography. My photos that get rated the highest on Instagram reflect that. It’s what I enjoy most.

In terms of style, I love a gorgeous gown on a woman. My first shoot pretty much embodied what I love to photograph. But I also love classic, contemporary styling. A plain white blouse and nice jeans goes a long way with me. Remember Grace Kelley in “Rear Window”? Dresses. Jeans. Perfect.

Grace Kelly testing clothes for Rear Window. Image: Unknown

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The image below with Fallon was my first, big shoot where I really wanted to have it look like something that could be printed in one of the big, national print magazines. I really couldn't be happier with the results. Especially as I had just picked up a camera just under 2 years earlier. Lauren Warner on makeup and Amy Lawson on hair...  Fantastic team! You're only as good as who you work with!

Image: Ricardo Gomez Photography

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While what I photograph hasn’t changed, working lights, cameras and such is a 1000x easier and faster than when I started. I would hope so! That’s just experience. But once in a while, I do something completely by accident and something new and awesome comes from it. So I’m not really worried if I do something wrong. Or fixing something in post forces me to learn something new in one of my software applications.

Capture One Catalog - Image: Ricardo Gomez Photography

I think the best thing that hasn’t changed, since the beginning: directing.

I’m just a natural. I’m not intimidated, shy and yet, open. I’m a master at directing in-experienced and new models. I’ve also taught classes for various ages of children from computers to photography. I once taught children from age 6 – 12 web development! They really did learn!

2014: Brooke's mother being videographer! I was a little chubby then!

The Result

Untitled photo

So not much. And yes. I think the best way of thinking about this is: I can create my vision faster, easier at a consistently high quality. Which is the way it's supposed to be when you push to be better and gain experience!

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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