It’s one of the holy words of success. But what does it mean exactly?

Like one of the other holy words of success, love, it can mean something completely different from one another person to another. So how about this, what does it mean to me?

Rocky Balboa being a great father and giving it to his son straight.

For one: motivation is the emotion that drives me to keep going and do better when internal and external forces are telling me to stop.

I don’t know where ‘motivation’ comes from. It might just be I’m wired that way. Being lazy doesn’t make any sense to me. Doing ‘just enough’ doesn’t make sense to me. I want to do well if not be exceptional. Originally, to impress my father? Nope. Because my father didn’t like some of the things I was into and I did them anyway. Something in me that feels I have to prove myself to people? No. Because for the most part, I don’t care what people think about what I do. I do what I want to do.

When I do well, I feel good about it. I feel I’m performing at the level I know I can do. Working my potential. And I love that.

Make it count. Casey Neistat.

So what’s my motivation? Exploring my potential. How far can I go? What can I accomplish? Where are my limits?

While the big exploration is in my photography work, I perform this every day in smaller ways. How many items can I accomplish today? What’s the best way to do this? What new things shall I be doing to better run and grow my business? What new place am I going to visit this weekend? Many many things. Yes, I think a lot.

Peter Lindbergh doing exactly what I want to be doing.... Featuring Natalie Portman.

Jason Bell doing exactly what I want to be doing. Featuring cast for the British show Poldark.

I couldn't decide which video to choose: Peter Lindbergh or Jason Bell. They are both doing fashion.

Peter Lindbergh's is so much more about photographing Natalie than the clothing. The clothing is superb. But it's really about Natalie.

Jason Bell's shoot is paying homage to the Poldark series with its clothing and location. It's a Vogue shoot as Natalie's but it's far more about fashion in my opinion. I don't know the actors and the fashion isn't the typical big brand items. 

Jason' Bell's video is a commercial for the Phase One camera systems. A camera system I wish to have some day. When I can afford one, it will be a huge and symbolic point for my career....

The only issue with this is it’s hard to relax. It’s hard to take a break. While everything I do is pretty much about learning and experiencing, relaxing is about it not being structured and having a goal to the relaxing. Just read. Just go for a walk. Sleep-in!

I guess this goes with the territory. But I’m trying. As I write this, it’s 2am!

Motivation can be tough. But like anything else, you have to regularly remember drill into your skull your motivation. I have Youtube videos of people doing what I want to be doing. I’ve developed mental exercises to remind myself.

Finally, the video that starts my motivational playlist. A commercial. But a beautiful one.

The more you train yourself, the less disappointment and resentment will have a chance at affecting your attitude. And attitude might be everything.

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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