Honestly, while I understand SEO optimization, to me it’s a bit of witchcraft. Part of that is Google. They keep changing the rules. I totally get it: they don’t want people to master their algorithm and thus rule their domain. It’s good and it’s not.

My thoughts are: just do it! And when you do, have a mix of generic and specific keywords. With my website, I’ve actually gotten great results with this philosophy. For instance, I may have a Monique Lhuillier Red Dart Dress. So I’ll have the following keywords attached to the image:

Image: Ricardo Gomez Photography

Untitled photo

moniquelhuillier, reddartdress, editorialphotography, fashionphotography, springfashion, panasonicg9, lumix, rgomezphotos, ricardogomezphotography

Image: Ricardo Gomez Photography

Untitled photo

As you would notice, there are no keywords like “fashion” or “reddress”. I think those kinds of keywords would get lost into the abyss and soon be forgotten. I also have my website/Instagram listings in there. If someone pulls up an image of a Monique Lhuillier dress, I want to make sure they know who photographed it. Lastly, my camera make and model. Other photographers may just like my work and follow me on Instagram.

And make sure to sign up for Google Analytics and integrate it with your website. It’s a huge learning curve. Google has tried to make it easy to learn. It will just take time. What’s the big deal with Google Analytics?

Well, the reporting capabilities as far as I can tell. You can tune your keywords and other things to get the most out of SEO. You can also block spammers as well. Which is a huge benefit as that can screw up your rating on Google.

While SEO is important, by far the best thing that is important to me is the layout of your website. Making it easy to navigate. Simple and fast. Keep menus to a minimum.

There are thousands of books on SEO and Website optimization. What I say is to go directly to the source: Google. Then, figure it out and see what works for you!

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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