Another completely self-indulging blog article: Some of my favorite street fashion!

Last weekend I ventured out to do some street photography and to hopefully, get some great street fashion. While I saw some great street fashion out there, I really don't want to photograph people wearing masks or ask them to remove it for the pic. There's quite a number of reasons why and this is not the right place to discuss it. Got some great photography. Just not street fashion. But I'm waiting for the day when masks aren't required in public!

Some Fun From Last Weekend

I've become quite the snob when it comes to street fashion these days. I mean, so far, I haven't discovered a place that has better street fashion than New York City. I haven't been to London, Milan, Moscow or Tokyo yet..  But considering NYC is fashion capital of the world and the diversity of people, I think NYC would be pretty tough to beat!

In addition to being spoiled with the level of fashion and style in NYC, I've also become very picky with who I photograph. Too often, I see the same style on a dozen different people that's been around for several months. I mean, it looks great. But when everyone is doing it...  I can go all day without finding something truly original. And I'm a bit on the conservative side as well. So it makes the street fashion even more difficult.

One of My Hobbies: Photographing Cool Fashion Advertisements

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The word 'sophistication' is pretty much how I would describe who I photograph for street fashion. You can either look very formal or casual. Whichever you choose to do, it looks great. It's not even about wearing expensive brands. It's about how much time and effort you spent looking on how everything looks put together. A woman can be wearing a simple dress she may have bought at a discount retailer. But she may have a particular necklace on. Or sunglasses. Or shoes. It's all about the details and how great they fit together.

Sisters and The Lady in Red

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Has it been a year already? This was taken in Mid-Town and it rained overnight and was still overcast when I went on may walk. I don't know if NYC looks any better than a Winter day with these conditions. Lots of contrast and reflections shiny surfaces everywhere.

Monotones are always fun and when you pair up a blonde wearing red, it's almost impossible to screw that up. The young lady in red is actually a blogger from Russia and was visiting her sister in NYC. It was pretty easy to spot her obviously! But I love the red with the fur coat. Almost like a surprise awaiting underneath.

Fun and Friends

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And you know, fashion can be fun too! These two ladies are friends: one from California the other from Australia. I spotted them a couple of blocks away and though they were so cute. I think what they did is switch shoes because if you did, it would match their outfits better. But I think they made the switch on purpose. And they looked cute doing it!

Sometimes It's More Than Street Fashion

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Our Impromptu Photo Shoot

Marianne On a Shoot with Me

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One of the things I love about street fashion that has nothing to do with fashion: connections.

I was walking through SOHO one day and came upon this young lady doing some selfies with a group of friends. I loved the cap and dress she had on. It was also one of those perfect, overcast days after some rain too. So the colors really popped.

Sometimes, rarely, I'll ask someone if they will want to do a shoot with me. Something super-simple. Marianne was so fun, I asked. And she agreed! A beautiful and classic Mexican. And those are a rare item in New York City!

But the thing is, there are so many amazing and interesting people I've met on my street fashion walks. Usually we'll follow each other on Instagram. Sometimes we become friends. I think!

It's About Connections

I came to New York just over 5 years ago not knowing anyone here. While photographing street fashion has been fun, even better has been getting to know the people wearing it. Sometimes it's just about a pictures. Sometimes you become friends. 

It's always about the connections. People.

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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