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My 5-year anniversary of moving to New York from San Francisco is this month! I’m usually quite forgetful especially with my own birthdays and special anniversaries. I just don’t really find most of these very important. I’m always setting goals and only amateurs need anniversaries.

Though, a 5-year anniversary of anything is sort of a fun one. It’s half a decade. And it’s sort of a hard-date to reflect on big moments of your life and goals you’ve set for yourself. So let’s do this.

Me on my motorcycle trip through Mexico. During the drug wars... 2nd best thing I ever did.

Me on my motorcycle trip through Mexico. During the drug wars... 2nd best thing I ever did.

I think the biggest thing that I can say about the decision to move to New York was in my eyes, nowhere near as courageous as friends and family have told me it was. I’ve always done things that I didn’t know what to expect. I’m intensely curious about things. I’ve always participated in contests. I’ve run for public office. I’ve dabbled in various occupations. I don’t even want to tell you how my mother reacted when I told her I was riding my motorcycle through Mexico for a month! At the height of the drug wars on the border in Tijuana. The move to New York, a sort of big deal, wasn’t so much for me.

My Last Photo Shoot in California

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You don’t know that under my calm and gentle demeanor, I’m a serious Type-A personality. I work a lot. I want to be the best in whatever I decide to do. Whether that is whether it be competitive cycling, IT consulting or photography. I don’t feel it worthwhile to be serious at something and settle for mediocrity. Life just isn’t worth living for me if you aren’t doing your absolute best. New York, in terms of photography and fashion, is home of the best. But there’s a little glitch in that thinking for which I’ll talk in a later part of this article series.

The time to move came rather abruptly. It really happened in the span of a couple of weeks. While I had my IT consulting, that was on the downside and was working at Home Depot to supplement my income. I knew that if I worked there for 6 months, I could transfer to a store in New York and have a job waiting for me as my efforts to find an IT job in New York before my move proved fruitless. Not a surprise. I had been looking for a full-time IT job for years without success. Two words: age discrimination. You know what? Just do your best and let the chips fall where they will. Things work out.

So, I sold everything I could sell and prepped myself for the move. I was just hoping my aging car was going to make it to New York in one piece!

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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