I bet you were expecting a blog posting about how it is to photograph models in lingerie and ‘underwear’ was a fun way to describe it. Completely incorrect. Well, I’ll include one photo…

My only 'underwear' shoot and Chalyce was fantastic!

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You know how it is with most men…. We’ll keep the same underwear for decades if we could. We keep the good and new stuff tucked away for those special occasions. The time had come for me to order a new set…

My brand-new underwear came via Amazon and placed it on my bed to get it ready for folding and putting it away. When starting to place it next to current underwear, I noticed how less-white the older underwear had become. I knew they weren’t white-white but wow haha….

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When un-packing my brand new, and white as mid-day light-temperature underwear, a feeling of overwhelming gratitude came over me. I was so happy to be able to afford new underwear. I thought that even though no one notice, I would feel a little more special wearing new and great underwear.

I know some of my family and friends get a little sick of me being appreciative of seemingly trivial things. Someone letting me ahead of them in the grocery line. A child on the opposite side of a door seeing me approach and opening it for me. A stranger complimenting me on my hat. I mean, I don’t make a big deal of it. But I do acknowledge the gestures. These people were being kind to me. In New York.

People know why and what I intend to do with my photography. I have big, enormous goals. I don’t know when I will reach these goals. I know there are people who aren’t happy until they’ve reached their goals. When they don’t or are frustrated, they turn to methods they hope will relieve their frustration. I see it all the time.

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But like the good and trivial things I acknowledge, it’s also the trivial career-forwarding ones as well that keep my spirits up. Most recently, I’ve been taking some photoshop training which has shown me some new ways of doing things. I usually have a good-sized list of ‘overdue’ items on my to-do list. But recently, I’ve been keeping up on it quite well. I’m horrible with social media. But my efforts to improve have been making great strides. Some monumental. Some tiny but still nonetheless important. I got two new followers on my Instagram. 1 for each account. I sort of laugh about it. But I’m also like “cool!”. Getting me 1-follower closer to that million mark!

You got to appreciate the little things that happen daily and know, they are getting you closer to your goals. It’s the little things that sustain you and keep you happy in-between the big ones. Like getting new underwear.

Ricardo Gomez Photography

Originally from San Francisco, Ricardo is now a New York-based photographer specializing in editorial and commercial photography.
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